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Meet Brandon Gallagher, Professional Coach. An athlete, entrepreneur and life-long learner, his commitment and drive to help others succeed is immeasurable.Brandon serves as a professional Mixed Martial Arts strength & conditioning coach for numerous fighters including Ian Garry (UFC); Amanda Nunes (UFC); Ariane Lipski (UFC), Janaisa Morandin (Invicta FC)He has also worked with hundreds of other clients throughout his career, from competitive powerlifters and high school athletes to adults and seniors well into their 80s.Born and raised in Albany, NY, Brandon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Biology from the State University of New York at Albany as well as certifications in Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching (PSL1) and Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PNL1)

Licenses & Certification
Brandon is a Qualified Personal Trainer.

Personal Training

Looking to achieve your fitness goals? I’ve got you covered with my online training services. Whether you want to lose weight, tone and sculpt your body, build muscle, improve mobility and flexibility, or enhance your speed, strength, and power, I offer a comprehensive approach tailored to your needs. As an added bonus, I specializes in training females and female athletes and professional athletes ensuring you’re physically prepared for demanding performances. Alongside the training, I provide valuable nutritional advice to support your progress. Let’s work together to reach your fitness aspirations and create a sustainable lifestyle.


Ian Garry

I started working with Brandon as my sole S&C coach ahead of my UFC debut, he has created deeply individual training suited to my specific needs and I’ve seen exceptional results but what has stuck with me more than anything is how much Brandon really cares. He goes above and beyond what I would expect from a coach and I feel privileged to continue to work with him

Paul Hughes

Brandon is an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly knowledgable and experienced coach. It’s important for pro athletes to have a coach who actually cares and who you feel like is in the fight with you. Brandon gives it his all and then some

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June 3, 2023
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June 3, 2023
Ian Garry
June 5, 2023
June 5, 2023
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Fitness is a long game, and the pacer is rewarded. It is about building sustainable habits, practices, and creating a plan that is specific for you. Individualized fitness starts where ability ends!

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